Planned Maintenance Service

Planned Maintenance Programs (PMP) extend the life and reduce the maintenance costs on your material handling equipment.

MHC Systems, LLC. offers unequaled loading dock and industrial door service experience to assist customers in keeping operations running smoothly and uninterrupted. Our trained sales and aftermarket representatives start with a complimentary equipment survey and evaluation which includes a detailed safety inspection of your loading dock equipment, doors and other related material handling equipment. In return you receive a comprehensive report on your equipment condition and level of safety. Representatives will make appropriate recommendations on suggested maintenance needs and replacement options if necessary. From this initial report a PMP schedule will be developed and presented.

PMP Benefits:

  • A discounted labor rate on ALL service and repair work while enrolled in the program.
  • Priority scheduling for service and repairs.
  • Decrease in costly downtime.
  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability of your facility's doors, docks and related equipment.
  • Reduced probability of your doors, operators and dock equipment malfunctioning.
  • Extended safe and useful life of your doors, operators and dock equipment.
  • Decrease in long term repair expenses.
  • Each PMP service call includes a written checklist of work performed, along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.

Enrollment is FREE. You pay only for the discounted labor used to perform the preventive maintenance work along with any repair parts that are used per your authorization.

Once a PMP is in place, routine scheduled maintenance is performed on the equipment, typically every 90 to 180 days depending on the age and cycle use. Detailed PMP reports are issued to you showing what work has been performed on your equipment under the PMP agreement, what additional work is recommended and any safety hazards that may be present. You get a detailed report history built on your equipment and can therefore better plan for your future budget on repairs and replacement costs. MHC Systems goal is to save you money while consulting with you on how to make your facility a safer more productive environment for your employees. PMP’s are essential in achieving this success. 


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